Bruce Wiley on November 25th, 2015

As many of you already know, LaRita Schandorff, Bruce Wiley and several other Canyon County volunteers have been part of the Lake Lowell Access Plan Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) this past year. We have met several times with representatives from the Fed DOT, Canyon County highway districts, Nampa city (Karla Nelson), Caldwell, County Parks, the Wildlife Refuge, the Sheriff’s office and many others to hammer out a plan that would enhance the bike and pedestrian access and enjoyment of the Lake Lowell area.

The initial priority phase includes shared roads, some widened roadways, bike lanes, pathways and signage. This is just a start with more planned for future construction as the dollars become available. Hopefully construction can begin next year on these priority items.

Here is the map as well as a list of these improvements to download.

Lake Lowell Priority Project Map – PDF download

Lake Lowell Access Plan Priority List – .docx download


Bruce Wiley on November 3rd, 2015

by Bruce Wiley

We’re nearing the end of another year and our city’s bike and pedestrian projects are coming to a conclusion for the season.

The Nampa Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is pleased to say that we’ve had a good year making progress with new facilities that enhance the safety of our cycling and walking citizens.

Safety enhancement projects for cycling completed this year-

  • At our request, in conjunction with the city of Caldwell, ITD has installed 4 miles of bicycle lanes on blvd-bike-lanesCaldwell and Cleveland Boulevards from Karcher to Linden with their 2015 resurfacing project to encourage bicycle travel between our two cities. These lanes are almost as wide as the vehicle travel lanes in some places, nice job ITD!
  • The existing bike lanes on Karcher (connecting to the Treasure Valley Marketplace area) have been extended to Middleton Road as part of the ITD/ Nampa joint upgrade to that intersection. Another project NBPAC worked hard on to make happen.
  • North Cassia St (between Home Depot and Karcher Mall) now has Sharrow markings in the travel lanes to indicate a bicycle sharrowroute between Karcher and Flamingo Avenue and to increase driver awareness of cyclists in the road.
  • Bike lanes have been included on Birch Lane between Madison and Northside as well as a quarter mile section of Birch heading west from Franklin.
  • Madison Ave has new bike lanes between Birch and Karcher.
  • The 16th Ave overpass now has bike lanes to help connect north Nampa to downtown & the south side, we’ve been pushing for this one about 5 years now! The big delay was the low height of the railing on the south side of the bridge which needed to be raised to a safe level.
  • The new Ridgevue High School being built at Madison and Linden has a bike lane going north along the west side of the school as well as Sharrow markings in the east bound lane of Linden in front of the school.dero
  • Three “Fixit” bicycle repair stands with tools and pumps were purchased by the parks department at our suggestion and installed at the new library downtown, the Nampa Recreation Center and the Lakeview Waterpark . “High Five” grant funds were used for this great addition.
  • 50 “Share the Road” signs have been purchased and will be installed at strategic locations around town.
  • Any new bicycle racks installed by a business in town must now conform to the Bike/Ped Master plan per a city zoning change.

Multiple Use Pathway (MUPs) Improvements

  • The pathway along Front St. that is a section of our Downtown Access plan will be completed in November. This is a Multiple Use Pathway between 15th Ave S and 13th Ave S for bicycles as well as pedestrians.
  • Pavement repairs to the Indian Creek Pathway, west end.
  • Pavement repairs to the Wilson Creek Pathway after drainage repairs had been made by the irrigation district.

Signalized Pedestrian Crossings Installed

  • A HAWK crossing (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK beacon) has been installed at the HAWKPage-1intersection of Colorado and 12th Ave Road across from the high school, an important safety upgrade!
  • East Greenhurst Road/ East Valley Middle School (installed)
  • East Amity Avenue/ Murray Street (in construction)

Future Projects

  • 12 more pedestrian crossings are in the works to be signalized in the near future.
  • More bike lanes will be included with each year’s road maintenance schedule including Garrity Blvd lanes from 11th to Grant in FY2017.
  • We’re awaiting approval from ITD to install a bike corral at the library block. (It’s their road).
  • Proposed subdivisions promise to expand the Wilson Creek Pathway in the future.

*Note: New bike lanes are added as maintenance work is scheduled for a particular street section that is so designated on the bike/ped master plan and if enough room is available for the additional lanes.

Nampa BPAC

What does the Nampa Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee do? We meet every month and look at the items below as well as tackle problems and safety issues that may have been brought to our attention.


  • Review and recommend projects for compliance with the Nampa Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Review city transportation projects proposed by staff for compliance with the Nampa Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and make recommendations to staff or City Council.
  • Review and recommend policy/text changes as they pertain to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and Transportation Plan.
  • Seek grant funding opportunities.
  • Educate and promote active transportation.
  • Promote and support community events as they pertain to connectivity, active transportation and healthy living in the Nampa community.

The committee members presently are-

  • LaRita Schandorff, chair
  • Adam Haynes, vice chair
  • Phil Peterson
  • Bruce Wiley
  • Jeremy Robbins
  • Meggan Manlove
  • Eualeen Beukelman

Many thanks go to the mayor and city staff for their cooperation with our vision for a safer, healthier Nampa.