LaRita on April 14th, 2014

Every time I hear someone say – “we always go to Boise when we want to walk or ride our bikes” it makes me sad.  We really need to get the word out about what we have right here in Nampa.  And it’s getting better every day.

Have you heard about the new connection going in that will connect Nampa’s longest pathway, the Wilson, to the Stoddard?   Do you realize that means you can travel from near Roosevelt and Midland clear to the Wilson Pond and beyond?

Here’s a link to the big picture of the pathways available in Nampa.

Here’s a link to where the new connection is being built.

Watch for a ribbon cutting party to celebrate this new section!  Details will be posted here.  Handy little pocket sized pathway maps (about the size of a credit card) are available at the following locations so that you can do your own event:

Nampa Recreation Center
Rolling H Cycles
Caffertys  Cyclery
Flying M Coffee Garage
Nampa Chamber of Commerce

So go pick up a map and get out there and discover Nampa’s great places.   April 19-26 is Un-Plug and Be Outside.  Visit the website to find lots of fun activities, make up your own scavenger hunt, or plan a family play date.  Then post a comment here and share your ideas.

LaRita on February 12th, 2014
The Nampa community needs YOUR help!  Please support biking and walking in Nampa by submitting comments! This is the LAST opportunity for public comment on this matter.  For a full description of the project and links for online comment options visit the ITD project website at
  • Thursday, Feb. 13th  4:00-7:00 p.m at Karcher Church of the Nazarene.
  • Feb. 14-28 using ONLINE form on the ITD website
    Or Join the Online Chat sessions:
  • Tuesday, Feb. 18 (11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 27 (5:30 – 7 p.m.)
Project Summary and Issues affecting Safe Bicycling
The Karcher Middleton Intersection Project will begin work this summer to alleviate the congestion and high traffic volumes at Karcher Road and Middleton Road.  The project plan includes widening both roads, sidewalks on the west side of Middleton, on both sides of Karcher and a built median in the center of Karcher.  Per the project managers there will also be width and budget for bicycle lanes on Karcher which would connect to the lane which already exists on this road.  However, the current design does NOT include a bicycle lane on either road.  We have not been given any supportable reasons for this omission.Talking points for your comments

  • ·         the goals of both the Nampa Transportation Plan and the Nampa Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan are to “reduce the number of conflicts between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians…” (CTP, p. 35)
  • ·         the proposed network and project list in both the Nampa Transportation Plan and the Nampa Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan includes the installation of bicycle lanes on major arterials (CTP, p60), specifically the sections of Karcher and Middleton Roads included in this project.
  •         The Caldwell/Nampa Bicycle Routes plan includes bicycle commuter routes that will intersect and depend upon both Karcher and Middleton Roads for creating the active transportation network.
  • ·         bicycle lanes are currently installed on the section of Karcher Road which will be connecting to this project and mid-block termination of the marking would leave cyclists in a vulnerable situation[i]
  • ·         the Karcher/Middleton Intersection Project includes the necessary ROW and budget for bicycle lanes.
  • ·         The Nampa Transportation Plan allows for exceptions to policy when there are no other alternatives to using a major arterial to enable creation of the network for nonmotorized transportation.[ii]

[i] “Sidewalks may be appropriate for low-speed (less than 5 mph) bicyclists such as children while providing on-street bicycle facilities such as bike lanes may encourage higher speed bicyclists to not ride on sidewalks, thus reducing conflicts between pedestrians and bicyclists on sidewalks. Avoid termination of bike lanes where bicyclists are left in a vulnerable situation.” US Dept of Federal Highway Safety, Considerations regarding bike lanes retrieved from


[ii] “Notwithstanding that concern,crossings of two major transportation barriers in the City – railroads and I-84 – are severely limited and crossed only by major arterials. In such cases and in others where adequate alternatives are not satisfactory, accommodating bicycle access is critical to providing a comprehensive citywide bicycle networkCitywide Transportation Plan, Apr 2012, p. 106


Thank you so much for your support in our efforts to make Nampa a city where people feel safe bicycling and walking.