LaRita on January 15th, 2015

LaRita on November 21st, 2014

greensboro_gaWhy,  in this community that has plenty of big box stores and shopping malls, does Nampa’s historic Downtown core matter?  I think this quote from the National Main Street USA website says it best.

“They (historic downtowns) are the big stage, the core of the community. Our Main Streets tell us who we are and who we were, and how the past has shaped us. We do not go to bland suburbs or enclosed shopping malls to learn about our past, explore our culture, or discover our identity. Our Main Streets are the places of shared memory where the entire community still comes together to live, work, and play.”

Think about the last time you visited a city as a tourist or wanted to show a guest the most interesting parts of Nampa.  What kinds of places appealed to you most and what features attracted you to those places and caused you to want to spend time there?  Where did you want to go to “hang out” and enjoy good food and entertainment or maybe just a pleasant stroll?  Probably NOT the industrial center and probably NOT the mall.  It was quite likely that it was that city’s historic district or revitalized downtown center.  

Cities all over our nation are placing time, money, and other resources into revitalizing their core downtown and historic districts.  There is even a national program called Main Street U.S. A. which is providing funding and assistance to cities to help them in these efforts and Nampa has been a participant in those efforts for the past 2 years.


The public is currently invited to speak into the revision of the Downtown Streetscape Plan which determines what Nampa’s Downtown looks like.  Do you frequent Nampa’s Downtown?  If so, are there things about it that you’d like to see changed, improved?  If you don’t use Nampa’s Downtown businesses, why not?  What would make you want to be there? Wider sidewalks?  More trees?  Trees in different places?  Is decorative brick important to the overall look, or is it not important?  


Send your comments to Karla Nelson, Long Range Planner at  or respond to the Downtown Streetscape Survey