I’m reading Joyride by Mia Birk.  She was hired in the ’90’s by the City of Portland and charged with increasing the number of people who use bicycles for transportation.  I’ve really identified with her stories of the challenges and victories over the years.  If you’re wondering if Nampa will ever get there and why it’s taking so long – you need to read this book.  It does a great job of helping you understand the politics, the processes, the complications, and the strategies that go into what seems like should be simple, obvious, solutions.

And great news!!  Mia Birk is coming to Nampa on May 18 and 19 for some workshops.  We’re hoping to roll out a few of the new improvements being recommended in the new Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan by then.  Pretty exciting stuff.  So, get the bike tuned up, lace up those tennis shoes and check back often as we go into the busy event season!

Read Mia’s 12 Steps to Success from her presentation on May 19, 2011 at Nampa City Hall