Here is the format for tonight’s pathway meeting:

4:00 -5:00
Introduction, background on the project, including
1) Existing conditions
2) Bike and Ped Network/Master Plan
3) RR Abandonment process
4) Amity Expansion and Crossing
5) Funding Source, Scope and Timeline

5:00-6:00 Short presentation on each of 3 items with discussion at the end of each

1) Potential alignment as the trail approaches 2nd St S followed by Q & A
2) Roadway crossing treatments followed by Q & A
3) Future improvements followed by Q & A

Here is a map showing the existing and proposed sections in context with existing bike boulevard and other future pathway projects.


View Stoddard Pathway, Nampa ID in a larger map

We look forward to seeing you this evening at Sherman Elementary School, 1521 E. Sherman Ave. This is an open, all public invited meeting. Surrounding property owners and other stakeholders have received special invitations, but anyone is welcome. If you use the pathways, have ideas or opinions, or just want to support the project, please take some time to drop by and make your voice heard. As always, if you are unable to attend you can send your comments, questions to

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