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One of the best things about the advocacy work we do is the people.   This is one of the Neighborhood 2 Market groups that traveled from their neighborhood last Saturday to Farmer’s Market by bike.  I love this photo because everyone in it sort of represents a type of bicyclist that we try to keep in mind as we do what we do.

Linda is nearing retirement.  She decided she wanted to get some healthy activity but was challenged with safe places to ride because her neighborhood is surrounded by busy streets with heavy traffic.  So – she put it on the car and came to the Nampa Rec Center and began riding this season with the 10/10 group.  She’s having such a good time she decided to share the fun with her granddaughter, Paige.  Paige is a smart, funny, vivacious 10 year old who had never ridden her bicycle more than a few blocks around her neighborhood.  The 10/10 ride was the first time Paige had ever ridden her bicycle for a long distance.  Knowing she can ride that far has been a revelation and given her confidence to try more. The Neighborhood to Market ride is her second group ride for a distance.

Bruce was the group’s ride leader and is one of the original “charter” members of the NBPA.  He represents that over 50 seasoned cyclist who spends more time on his bike than in his car and rides year round.  He’s what some would call “hard core”!  His wife, Nancy, is a strong supporter as well.  She loves the outdoors and rides occasionally.

Joe Bell is a bit new to cycling.  He loves the camaraderie and loves doing anything that will make Nampa a better place to live.  He is an active local historian and a member of the Nampa Historic Commission.  He also happens to be Bruce’s neighbor.  Which reminds us all that many of us came to cycling because someone came along side and encouraged us to give it a try OR they were having so darn much fun – we just had to see what it was all about for ourselves.

I actually don’t know the fellow on the far right, and I apologize for that.  But I’m going to say he represents the hundreds of people in our city who ride or would like to ride more often – but whom we haven’t heard from – yet.

The things that are in the works right now, passing bicycle parking code design requirements, putting in safer crosswalks, and creating an officially recognized advisory commission are all ways to address the wide variety of transportation and recreation needs represented by this group.  The next time you get discouraged,  just pull up this photo and remember what it’s all about.   – LaRita Schandorff, chair, NBPA


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  1. Bruce Wiley says:

    On the right is another neighbor of mine, Pat Ryder. Pat is a one time biker (the motor kind), he’s still wears his old leather riding vest under the jacket.
    Pat had a heart attack and you now see him either riding or walking around town for any trips he needs to make. It’s very rare to see him start up his pickup truck anymore.
    He’s an example of a large number of riders you see in Nampa that are using their bike to just get around town. He also refuses to wear spandex!

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