We’ve all been waiting impatiently to extend the Stoddard Rail Trail farther into town and now we’re poised to make a big 3/4 mile leap in that direction!

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After the railroad decided to abandon this ~1 mile portion of the line from Iowa to 2nd St S they came to us with a price of around $750,000 for the city to acquire it (GULP). Where the heck are we gonna get that much money!!?

For the past year or so the folks at the city of Nampa have been working away at somehow coming up with a way to purchase this section of property for our dreamed of trail extension. It was being done in secret and none of us could find out what was going on! We’d ask and be told “we can’t talk about it”, wow, what could it be?

It was finally announced, the city and Union Pacific had found a way using a three-party agreement that provides for the city to acquire all necessary lengths of the Stoddard Line between approximately 2nd Street So. and Wildflower Dr. in three segments to extend an existing pathway. One segment will be received in connection with an exchange of properties involving the city-owned Pipeco Building At 1504 Garrity Blvd., a second segment would be received in a separate exchange with UPRR for city-owned property north of the UPRR tracks on 14th Ave. North (right-of-way to be vacated prior to transfer), and the final section will be acquired from UPRR with available CDBG funds.

So in simple terms, we now own 3/4 of a mile of the abandoned right of way from Iowa to Sherman! The deal was then unanimously approved by the city council on April 3rd with a huge attendance of supporters. We really need to thank the major players in this agreement, the good folks from Pipeco for getting the ball rolling and our main hero at the city level, Beth Ineck.

We still have to find some $$ for improvements but getting our hands on the land was the hard part and now it will happen. Possible additions were discussed at our meeting such as a parking area and bathrooms. Exciting stuff!

Next on our dream list will be to acquire the last quarter mile or so to make it all the way to 2nd but for now, this addition will take us in to some back streets making it simple to complete the trip into town. I think we can even put some signage up directing folks along the shortest route.

Huge thanks to all at the city level that worked some magic to make this ours!

Go Nampa!