Now that the city has acquired the additional section of abandoned railway from Iowa north to Chicago it’s time to come up with a plan for the improvements.

The Nampa Parks Department presented the preliminary design to the Nampa Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee at it’s meeting on October 12th and now is seeking additional input from the public at an open house to be held on November 2, from 5:30-7:00 pm at Sherman Elementary School, 1521 E. Sherman Ave.  They included plenty of parking on the south side of Amity as well as a playground but they sincerely want to hear your additional thoughts and ideas, so take advantage of this open house.  If you are unable to attend you can still be involved by visiting the City of Nampa website for detailed information, click on and enlarge the images below, or download the full PDF FILE HERE.  Then, post your comments and questions below or email them directly to

Nampa Parks and Recreation would love to hear from you!  Once the plan is approved the city will begin completing improvements, probably in phases, as funding is available through various grants and other sources.


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