13 May 2018 - 12:00 am

Ethan is passionate about bike riding, and can frequently be found riding his bike with his dad, Ben, while he trains for his long-distance foot races. In March Ethan’s father ran 170 miles in 48 hours to raise money for buddy benches for Nampa School District elementary schools. Since that time, Ethan has been begging to do his own race and fundraiser to benefit his community. As a result, he and his parents have partnered with Bike Walk Nampa  to raise money for the Nampa Bicycle Project.

Inspired by the Boise Bicycle Project , the Nampa Bicycle Project strives to fix up donated bikes to give back to the community. With each bike, they also supply a commuter package which includes a helmet, lock, lights, and map. Since they started in November, they have provided bikes and packages for 9 adults, primarily for transportation to get to their jobs.  In addition, the Nampa Bicycle Project desperately needs funds for supplies such as tubes and tires, tools, and a bicycle repair stand for their shop.

Join Ethan and Bike Walk Nampa in helping the Nampa Bicycle Project give a hand to those in need.   Your donation means another adult or teen will be able to get to his or her job safely and Ethan will have the joy of meeting his goal and making a difference in his community.