Bike Walk Nampa is a 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible. Although we work closely with the City of Nampa we are not an agency of the city and do not receive funding from them for operations.

Unless you designate a specific purpose, here are some of the ways your funds will be put to work…

  • Matching funds for grant applications to complete projects identified in the Nampa Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • printing
  • supplies for events which will encourage healthy physical activity and promote the use of Nampa’s pathways and bicycle facilities,
  • equipment and supplies for bicycle repair clinics at local schools
  • bicycle helmets and bicycle lights for low income residents
  • materials and incentives for educational activities which teach bicycle and walking safety.
  • Nampa’s annual Bike & Walk Week
  • tools and supplies for puncture vine removal.

Thank you for your support.  Every person and every dollar helps!

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