Puncturevine / Goatheads / Tribulus terrestris







This noxious weed is known to most of us in Nampa as “goatheads” because of the nasty thorns.  Plants emerge in the early spring and have a single thin tap root right in the center.  They thrive where there’s little competition.  If you see a dry brown area that gets little water they are probably the only thing growing there.  You’ll see them in alleys, across sidewalks, edges of parking lots, road shoulders, and vacant lots.  The vines can spread out from the center for as much as 10 feet and each vine produces millions of seeds, or thorns.  The seeds/thorns can be viable and sprout for up to 20 years!  

Did you know it’s illegal to let them grow?
Yes sirreee!  Idaho law requires landowners to control noxious weeds on their property. ( Title 22, Chapter 24, Idaho Code)
City of Nampa code requires residents to remove or spray…puncturevines from their property and adjacent curbs, sidewalks parking areas and property to the center of the alleys.

A BIG problem!

Thorns puncture bicycle tires, get in our pet’s paws, our flip flops, and are bad for livestock.  They discourage kids from riding their bicycles to school and cost hundreds of dollars in vet bills, repairs to bicycle tires, and loss of time. 





We’ve got a solution: Accept the 1,000 pound Puncturevines 2019 Challenge and Stomp Out Puncturevines Nampa!

  • Don’t mow it! Don’t scatter it with a weed trimmer!  
  • Pull it.  Bag it. 
  • Bring it to the weigh in at the NAMPA BICYCLE PROJECT booth at Nampa Farmer’s Market 
  • Any LAST SATURDAY from May to October 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m
  • Claim your reward from one of our sponsors. 
  • Every person or team who contributes will get a small thank you gift. 
  • The person or team who weighs in the MOST pounds that month will get a big prize worth $50 or more.